Recent Gardening Guides from CCG Managers:

CCGarden Fall Newsletter – Lots of tips for the Fall.

Fall Tomato Guide – Tailored expressly for CCGarden

Successful Fall Veggies Guide – What grows best in CCG in the Fall?

Successful Winter Veggies Guide – What grows best in CCG in the winter?

CCGarden Spring Newsletter – Get the latest tips for success.

Successful Spring Veggies Guide – What grows best in CCG in the spring?

Bug & Plant Disease Solutions – All-organic disease and bug control.

Marcia’s Homemade Pest & Disease Remedies – These work for her.

Chart of Nutrition Deficiencies – What minerals might be missing from your soil.

Crop Rotation Chart – An easy to understand schematic.

Extension Pamphlets for Florida Vegetable Gardening:

Get Help from Sarasota’s Master Gardeners:

Links to helpful gardening sites around the web:

Where to buy organic seeds, straw, etc:
    • Stockyard LOCAL source for bales of straw (under $10), 1010 Cattleman, bet. Bahia Vista and Palmer Blvd.
    • Seed Savers collects and distributes rare vegetable seeds

Support these vendors who support our community garden:


Protective Clothing
    • FISHING HATS – On Amazon, they they cost about $25 and up. Or shop at Economy Tackle, 6018 S Tamiami Trail, opposite Sarasota Memorial Park. They  sell all sorts of sun protective clothing for men and women.