1) Donate $50 or more and become a member of the Friends of Culverhouse Community Garden.


2) VISIT OUR GIFT REGISTRY to pledge a donation.


3) Donate $100 for an engraved MEMORIAL BRICK.

(Instructions for future Brick Chairpersons are HERE.)

express our sincere thanks to the following people and
organizations for their generous support and/or donations:

Hugh and Eliza Culverhouse

Our Garden Founders: Leila Frangie, Marcia Freeman, and Catherine Dente

Sarasota County Neighborhood Grant

Sarasota County Master Gardeners

Sarasota County Extension Services

Sarasota County Parks and Recreation Staff

Friends of Sarasota County Parks Leadership Team

Keep Sarasota County Beautiful

Rick Barth, Justin Powell, and Palmer Ranch Staff

The Schober Foundation

Burgart/Franzer Family Trust

Sheehan Family Trust

and all the Members of Culverhouse Community Garden
who have donated their time and treasure toward
making the garden such a wonderful place for us all.