Jobs That Keep the Garden Running Smoothly

A. Garden Founders
Leila Frangie, Catherine Dente, and Marcia Freeman

B. Friends of Culverhouse Community Garden
The Friends of CCG support the garden financially. They maintain a reserve fund for emergency repairs to the water system, raise money, approve capital expenditures, and maintain the chapter’s association with Friends of Sarasota County Parks, which manages chapter accounts and holds/disperses monies.

Click Here for how to submit a member’s ideas for improving the garden.

Leadership Team:
Chair: Catherine Dente (also serving as Archivist, Fundraiser, Website Manager, and FOSCP liaison)
Treasurer: Laura Harris (click here for job description)
Advisory Group: Tom Hopp, Peter Schneider, Renee Contratto, Sigrid Hasselbacher, Marcia Freeman (Past Treasurer), Erwin Rohrs, Inge Saake, Amy Donner (Communications), and Carol Russell  

C. Community Garden Managers
Managers are volunteers for the Sarasota County Community and School Garden Program. They see that the Program policies are carried out locally, and they encourage membership volunteer participation.  Reporting to Garden Managers are Team Leaders. They help manage ongoing projects and carry out CCGarden and County Program policies.  They are onsite often.

Operations Managers: Marcia Freeman, Tom Hopp, Peter Schneider
Team Leaders:
Infrastructure, including water system: Nick Burgart 
Compost : Sibby Pinto

Orchard: Suresh and Althira Puthanveetil
Mowing: Carol Russell 

Landscape: Sigrid Hasselbacher

A List of Operations Jobs That Keep the Garden Running Smoothly

General Landscape Maintenance
Weed and Re-mulch Common Areas
Fire Ant Control
First Aid Box

General Email Communications

Mulch Deliveries
Orchard Maintenance
Palm Fronds Trimming
Paper/Forms Supply
Plot/pathway Measurement Integrity
South Shed Organization
South Shed Tools Maintenance
Summer Straw Purchasing Project
Storm & Hurricane Preparedness
Woody Trash Collection and Preparation for County Pickup

Community Work Records

Water System

Repairs Contractor: Bill Johnson, President of Brilliant Harvest – see Operations Manual on  shelf in South Shed.
Battery Maintenance
Filter and Cistern Maintenance
Pipe Repair
Blue Water Barrels